Feeling A Little Lost?

Lead Yourself to Where You Belong with Your Chakras.

Are you:


Trying to figure out what your soul’s mission is in life?


Evaluating your current situation in your (future) soulful business and want to know where you should head into?


Feeling that you’re standing at a crossroad?


Wondering why you always find yourself in the same situations and what the lessons are for you to turn into impact?


Looking for the last pieces to the puzzle you’re trying to solve?


If you answered YES to any of these questions, it’s time for a chakra reading.

“The chakra reading was mind blowing!  I was amazed by the information Mai could offer and how true this all felt to me.” – Inge Wilbrink

Insight, not a fortune telling session.

A chakra reading offers insight in your current situation. You’ll find out why things are the way they are right now. It’s not a fortune telling session.


Perhaps there’s something that needs to be healed before you can start scaling your impact and income. There might be beliefs that are standing in your way of growth.


Why don’t we check-in with your seven main chakras and find answers?

“The reading became a visual story. Mai helps to give shape or a symbol to what bothers you. And once you visualise it, it becomes so much easier to comprehend it. ” – Indra

Before the Reading:

Get comfy. Burn incents, play gentle music, or sip on your favorite tea. There’s no right way of preparing yourself for the reading, except for one that calms you.

The reading:

Picture the reading as a conversation between you, me and your energy centers.


I receive (symbolic) images or messages, and propose that to you. You can react, ask questions and we explore what’s going on to find clarity.


Where it’s needed, I’ll give you practical tips to guide you in taking care of what needs to be taken care of.

“It has been peace, it has been relief, it has been emotional, it has been acceptance, it has been deep learning about myself and those parts of myself that I am usually avoiding.” – Bertrand Laborde

After the reading you:


Have insight in your current situation.


Understand why things are the way they are right now.


Found confidence and trust to move forward with practical tips.


Understand your blind spots.


Know how to navigate through the blind spots.


Feel confirmed in what you might already have felt deep down inside.



A: A suitable time could be; when you have no idea on how to move forward in your (future) soulful business. If you feel that you are standing at a cross road and looking for the right direction, or if you are looking for a quick confirmation for your thoughts or feelings, a chakra reading can provide you the insight.

A: As often as you feel is needed. No reading is the same, because you and what’s going on inside you are different.

A: No. In that case we will focus on what messages the chakras have for you in regards to your (soulful) business. However, your relationships, past and current situation might come up as well if that is needed to understand what’s going on and how you can move forward. 

There’s room for you to ask questions during the reading. This allows us to explore a topic more in debt when it’s needed.

A: Anything, except for “fortune telling” type of questions. An example I can work with is; “How can I use my full potential
to make an impact?” Whereas the following question is something I won’t answer: “In which year will I be able to make more impact?”

A: The messages I pick up are often what needs to be seen or heard at that moment. During another reading, other details may pop up. A message could contain for example: something that needs to be healed before you can scale your impact and income.

There could be someone or something in your life that you need to let go of in order to open another door. There might be beliefs that are standing in your way of growth.

A: For the reading, I work with my spirit team. The messages come to me through images, sound and sense. Sometimes it also comes to me through scent and taste.

A: No, just get cozy and come with an open mind. Choose a space where you can’t be disturbed while the reading takes place.
Wear your pj’s, yoga pants, burn incents, hold your crystals, sip on your favorite tea or play funk and dance to it. Whatever it is that relaxes you, will do. There’s not a right way of preparing yourself for the reading, except for one that calms you.


A: The reading can be done in English and Dutch.

Hi, my name is Mai


For a long time, I thought I had a wild imagination when picking up on people’s energy and its message. It wasn’t until my twenties that I realized that it was actual information about someone’s state.   


After quite a journey, I felt the calling to study holistic health and deepened my knowledge in chakra work. The more I worked with chakras, the more I learned how its information could benefit others in their personal development, soul’s path and well-being.


This is when I decided to help soulpreneurs tune in with their chakras. So they can become who they are and do what they are meant to do to make an impact and live a life of deep fulfilment. 

Got excited to find clarity and to bloom forward with trust and confidence?

Then book a chakra reading and start leading yourself to where you belong.