Are you ready to reach financial independence and freedom through your coaching business? 

Join The Story Designer, a 12-week program where you’ll learn the exact steps

to share stories on Instagram that  draw clients in. 


Even when you have  zero writing experience, are plagued by limiting beliefs

and feel that sales isn’t part of your DNA, I got you  covered. 

I know you’ve been racking your brain
to produce valuable content
for your audience on Instagram.

And it’s super frustrating to see all your efforts vanish into thin air whenever you share those posts that you’ve been working so hard on.


You’re waiting for people to ask how you can work together. But all you receive are likes and maybe a comment here and there.


All you want is to sign clients for your coaching program and help your clients towards a better life.


You’re also dreaming of having enough money in the bank so you can finally spend more time with your loved ones and less time on your business. 


But even if you can increase your current income so you can finally stop worrying about when you’ll sign clients, it would make you more than happy. 


I want you to understand that it’s not crazy to want all this. I used to stand in your shoes and have found a way to achieve it all!

The Story Designer is
created especially for you.

I translated all my lessons learned in business and marketing into a 12-week program.

You can  expect step-by-step video guidance that will take the guesswork out of designing and sharing stories.
This way you can  sign more clients,  amplify your profits and finally  reach the freedom you dream off. 

The story designer is
for you if you:


No. 1. Haven’t been able to sign any or many clients through Instagram.

No. 2. Feel tired, overwhelmed and anxious with the pressure of creating content,

so you’re avoiding it or you’re racking your brain to pump out tips.


No. 3. Don’t have any strategy or system in place that helps you

sign clients for your coaching program. 


No. 4. Want to learn my proven 3 step story designer framework to

finally reach the financial independence and freedom you crave.


No. 5. Are looking for a program that teaches authentic

marketing & sales strategies with a holistic approach. 

The Story Designer is not for you if: 


No. 1. You have no clue on what coaching program you want to offer. 


No. 2. You don’t want to be a coach or sell a coaching program.


No. 3. You don’t want to put any work in to achieve financial independence and freedom in your life. No cheat sheet, but foundation building.


No. 4. You don’t have any affinity with energy work or a holistic approach. 

During the 12 weeks you’re going to learn:

Module 1

Building Foundation “You”


How to grow a confident mindset as a successful business owner. 

Module 2

Designing Your offer


How to reclaim your direction and make an impact in the lives of your dream clients.

Module 3

The Hero’s Journey


How to lead your business to the next level.

Module 4

MAGnetic impressions


How to create an authentic brand that’s infused with purpose and meaning.

Module 5

the Story strategies

How to open your future client’s eyes for their possible transformation.

Module 6

Authentic Sales Master

How to create an authentic sales system for automation & repetition and 

save yourself time.

Module 7

REclaim Your balance

How to align with your refined rebel self, so you can do things your way without fear. 

Each module is based on strengthening
one of the seven chakras of your business.


+ You’re going to receive 6x live coaching calls of 90 minutes when you join the group edition in April 2022! 


+ You’re going to get assigned to an accountability partner (another member of The Story Designer)

who’ll support and cheer you on during your adventures.


+ You’re going to receive 3x audits* as a bonus.

I’m going to audit your future client’s hero’s journey & your own hero’s journey & 3 Instagram posts.


*make sure to claim these audits within 6 months after signing up.

How would you feel when your life
is filled with these results after
joining The Story Designer?

Deep fulfillment 

Imagine waking up every morning filled with purpose and deep fulfillment. This time there are no worries of “when will I sign clients?” shaking you out of that feeling. I’m going to teach you how to set up a solid marketing system that attracts clients to you. One that doesn’t bore you to sleep or make every cell in your body revolt. 



Imagine opening up your bank account and feeling at peace. There’s no more anxiety creeping into your body as you worry how you’re going to pay your next bills. I’m going to walk you step by step through the Story Designer’s framework so you can keep your heart at rest, all while having fun. 



Imagine joining your friends or family on a spontaneous tea date, or witnessing all your (future) baby’s milestones, without feeling the guilt of taking time off. You’re not choosing between your business or your loved ones anymore. There’s a healthy balance between your passion project and your sacred relationships. The Story Designer will hold your hand as you make way towards this reality. 


Imagine all the gifts you were born with being fully used to lift up people’s lives. There’s no more shaming or hiding your drive, your unique vision, your ambition, your sensitivity and empathy. You’re just being, growing and doing what you absolutely love to do. You’re here to bring light to the world and nobody can stop you from doing that. The Story designer gives you the exact roadmap so you can carry out your life purpose. 


Being a role model

Imagine all the women and girls feeling inspired after hearing your story. The story of how you overcame your challenge, decided to start your business to pass on your lessons learned and how your life is now filled with abundance, purpose and fulfillment. Imagine the hope you give them by showing them it’s possible to realize the dreams they have. The Story Designer is designed to help you realize your vision, so you can make an impact in the lives of others now and inspire future generations. 


If you’re

ready to stop worrying when you’ll sign clients, and want to start filling your life with these results, join the Story Designer now. 

Your coaching business could have results like this:

Meet your coach

Hi, my name is Mai. I know signing clients through Instagram can be a huge challenge. 


When you meet someone in the “real” world, you can look that person in the eyes and connect over a heart-to-heart conversation. It’s so much harder to do this in the digital world.


Luckily it’s not impossible to make that same in depth connection online as a business owner! 


I’ve experimented with quite some marketing strategies, trying to find the most authentic way to connect with my audience on Instagram. It has taken almost a full year out of my life. 


The moment I experienced what stories could do for my business, I was determined to help other female coaches, just like you, share stories to reach freedom, impact and income as well. 


So if you want to roll up your sleeves and get on with it, I’m here to guide you with all I’ve learned. Join The Story Designer and pave your way towards financial independence and freedom.


<3 Mai

Do you still have questions for me?

Check if it’s answered below, if not WRITE ME HERE.

That’s okay! As a bonus, I’ll walk you through the systems I use. I’ll show you step by step how you can set up all the systems needed to create a successful digital coaching program. 


However, if the service provider has its own instruction videos, I’ll refer you to those. I’ll also walk you through all the gear I use to record my course and this masterclass, so you don’t have to spend time on figuring that all out! 

If you’re open to everything I teach and apply every element of it, it’ll work for you. Believe me, I’ve also been in a position where I felt that I tried literally everything! 


I devoured most of the free digital marketing content and signed up for two Instagram courses. I was able to learn a lot from it, but it wasn’t until I really dove into the world of storytelling that I started to see financial success in my business.

That’s so normal to feel! Honestly, when I studied marketing and business in university, each cell of my body protested when I learned about marketing strategies. 


I never wanted to do anything with marketing ever again. Guess how that worked out for me. 😉


It wasn’t until I ran my own business and saw how it couldn’t survive without a proper marketing strategy. It was painful to admit. 


But the moment I found storytelling, I found creativity, joy and excitement. 🙂 Sure I still had to experiment and align my stories with the needs of my clients. But I had fun while doing this. 


What I want you to remember is, the Story Designer is created so you don’t have to figure marketing out by yourself. I created bite sized video lessons to not overwhelm you with information and to do’s. 


I hope The Story Designer will change your experience with marketing and that it’ll bring in the fun for you.

The program itself is spread over 12 weeks. You can definitely finish all the classes within this time frame if you are a full time entrepreneur and have at least 1 full day to go through the program. 

If you’re still working on the side, it will take you longer. Most of my clients finish the program within six months after signing up. 

Your investment is € 3499,- but you can also pay 3x € 1266 (= a total investment of € 3798,-)

That can happen!

You can receive a refund for what you’ve paid when you’ve paid in full. But I do have two conditions. 


One is that you have watched the first month worth of modules and worked on all the assignments of this month. I’ll ask you to send in your finished homework for approval. 


The second condition is, if you realize that it’s not for you after finishing the first month, I kindly ask you to cancel within 5 days after finishing the first month (so before the 35th day after the program has started). 


When you cancel under these conditions, you’ll receive a refund for the remaining two months. I will only charge you for the first month of working together. This would be 1/3 of your total invoice. 


If you’ve chosen for the payment plan, then you won’t be charged for your remaining two months. You will only be charged for your first month just like those who have paid in full when they cancel the program. 


The reason why I ask you to finish the first month worth of modules is because I want you to give the training a serious chance. I know this training works because it has for so many people and for myself. I want you to succeed too. 


But if for any reason you don’t resonate with my work, that’s fair. This is why I offer you the chance to cancel after you’ve given it a serious chance.

Depending on where everyone is based, I will set a recurring time and date for our bi-weekly meeting that fits (most) of the participants timezone.

Please note that I’m based near Amsterdam, the Netherlands, in the CET time zone. 

No worries! There will be a replay sent to you by email that you can watch. If you still have questions based on the recording or your classes, you can send me an e-mail. This way you’re always assured of having your questions answered.  

Are you ready to reach
financial independence and freedom
through your coaching business? 

Join The Story Designer, a 12-week program where you’ll learn the exact steps

to share stories on Instagram that  draw clients in. 


Even when you have  zero writing experience, are plagued by limiting beliefs

and feel that sales isn’t part of your DNA, I got you  covered. 

Disclaimer: the results on this page and those mentioned in The Story Designer are to show you

what’s possible for you and your coaching business, but aren’t a guarantee that you’ll reach the (exact) same results.


The Story Designer isn’t sponsored, administered, or associated with Instagram®