What if everything you’ve gone through in life,
actually happened to prepare you for your soul’s mission?

The Soulpreneur’s Way

is the 12-week coaching program for (new) healers, wellness teachers, holistic therapists, lightworkers and creatives who are ready to:

01. Turn their own lessons learned into impact.


02. Create and launch their signature coaching program.


03. Attract and work with aligned clients using Instagram.


01. Become A Magnet

Attract aligned clients by being who you are and what you have to offer.

02. Know What to Post

No more guessing what your community wants to read. But know exactly what topics they want to hear from you about.

03. Work with Aligned Clients

Sign* aligned clients during and after The Soulpreneur’s Way, with the roadmap we provide. 

*We provide you the roadmap to sign your first new clients. But it’s up to you to put in the work and make it happen. We’re not responsible in case you don’t sign clients.

Is this you?

01. You don’t know what to post on Instagram to attract aligned clients. Because of this you either feel burned out from creating posts all the time or feel paralysed to create any posts.


02. Feel stupid or like a failure because other people seem to easily write the “right” posts and get engagement but you don’t.


03. Feel afraid of showing yourself and you are afraid of how people perceive you.


04. You don’t really know who your aligned client is but would love to understand who you can help with your services.


05. Not really know what you offer or how to make it clear so people would want to work with you.

But then you

01. Remembered that you’re not someone who’s easily defeated. You have led yourself through much harder situations. You’re ready to lead your business to success as well by learning how to attract and work with clients on Instagram. 


02. Determined to create content on Instagram that speaks to your community and makes them DM you to ask how to work together.


03. Know that you do things different because of your unique perception of the world and are ready to achieve results your way.


04. Want to take good care of yourself while creating a signature offer that makes a big impact. An offer that brings you energy, good income and the freedom to work from anywhere you want.


05. Are ready to bring back joy into your life and business.

Sounds like you?


The reason why 

I know how you feel is because I went through it myself.

01. I felt drained trying to create posts each day, and the content barely brought in clients.

02. I felt burdened each time when family and friends asked what it was exactly I was trying to do online and if I got (more) clients recently.

03. My inner critic had tried to convince me so often to just quit because I was barely seeing results in my digital business.

Because of that

I was determined to figure out how to reach new people, build a loyal community and work with them through Instagram. I decided to co-create with my chakras and designed Instagram strategies that would help me get visible and sign aligned clients.


And then I attracted six new clients within the first two months of experimenting with strategies. After that, I keep receiving DM’s of how we can work together.


Are you ready to achieve the same?


The practical details

Launch Your coaching program & Attract + Work with aligned clients.
Join The Soulpreneur’s Way solo or in a group. Both come with:
01. Seven modules

that follows your seven chakras in business. The modules come with pre-recorded videos that guides you through the whole process from clarifying your offer to working with (your first) aligned clients.

02. Accompanying workbooks

that enables you to lay the foundation for your business coming from your soul.

03. Private FB community

so you can connect with other soulpreneurs to support and cheer each other on.

04. Guest experts

on topics such as branding, nutrition and more, so you create a ‘holistic’ business that’s sustainable.

05. One-year access

to the program and recorded calls.

The difference between solo and group is:


After this program


You’ve become the soulpreneur you were born to be, your way. You know how to build a community, are attracting aligned clients with your signature program, feel deeply fulfilled because you’re making an impact with what your passionate about and have the freedom to design your days.


Do you feel pulled to become this soulpreneur?


This is what other people said about The Soulpreneur’s Way


This is what’s inside the Soulpreneur’s Way

Module 1 – Chakra 1
Building foundation – You

What is keeping you away from becoming the soulpreneur you’re meant to be?


In this module you’re going to dive into the stories, fears and limiting beliefs that linger within your energy and build systems that help you move forward to joy, freedom and abundance.

Module 2 – Chakra 2 
Becoming the creator

What is your soul purpose? Who are you meant to be of value to, other than your family and friends?


Find answers to these questions, implement your chakra qualities and craft that magnetic signature program that attracts your aligned clients.

Module 3 – Chakra 3
Lead with authenticity

How do you show an authentic reflection of YOURSELF online and inspire people to improve their lives?


Tune in with your inner leader and translate your work into an identity that speaks to all the senses.  

Module 4 – Chakra 4
Building Relationships

How do you make a genuine connection online? What does it take to build a community that is also ready to invest in you and your promised transformation?


Create a social media strategy straight from your heart chakra to engage and lead your community forward with you, without exceeding your own energy.

Module 5 – Chakra 5  
Master the art of communication

What do people need to hear to be willing to take action for themselves?


Learn to write content that draws your audience in by unveiling your throat chakra.

Module 6 – Chakra 6
Scaling Impact & Income

What does it take to work with aligned clients?


Learn to map the process out and create an intuitive strategy to best support your client in going from “thinking about” to “actually” working with you.

Module 7 – Chakra 7
Creating (self) awareness

How do you stay grounded and close to your center during your soulpreneurship?


Learn how to tune in with yourself and your seven main chakras. Find balance with the chakra balancing tools we provide.

This is for the soulpreneur who


01. Feels pulled to realize their soul’s mission and enjoy fulfilment from deep within.


02. Desires to contribute to someone’s well-being or life.


03. Resonates with a holistic approach to create a strong foundation for yourself and business so you can attract and sign the aligned clients who are out there for you.


04. Is ready to be a leader and take action to clarification & authentic success.


05. Is done walking in circles of confusion, fear and self-doubt.

This is not for the soulpreneur who


01. Doesn’t want to take action for whatever reason.

02. Doesn’t resonate with a holistic approach.

03. Doesn’t want to add value to someone’s life as a teacher, coach or guide.

What other soulpreneurs have achieved with The Soulpreneur’s Way. 

Learn which parts of our program has helped Lauren from Household Practice to sign her first clients for her coaching program.

Learn how our “Module 1 – Building the foundation You” has helped Nathalie from Honest Heart Studio to overcome her fears through her chakra blocks.


Let’s take a moment

Close your eyes, take a moment and travel back to all the times you’ve felt lost.

To all the times you didn’t know how to go forward.
Now remember how YOU pulled yourself out of the pain and uncertainty.

You led yourself forward and back to yourself.


Think about all the value you’ve passed on by sharing your perspective on situations

coming from your lessons learned, that all your friends, family or clients have consulted you on.


To you it may mean nothing, you may have even forgotten about it,

or you may not have noticed what effect your perspective has brought.


Take a moment to remember how your friends, family, co-workers or clients have

felt after speaking with you about their situation.


How heard, seen or lighter they felt after receiving your perspective.

You can be of value to so many more than just your inner circle.

Let’s scale it.



Q: Can you work with clients worldwide?

A: Yes! As long as you’re open and willing to take action for you and your soulful coaching business, I’m ready to guide you. We’ll find a time for our call that works for us.

Q: When are the calls?


For 1-on-1 calls; we will set up a recurring appointment to meet that fits both our calendars. 

For the group calls; I will set a recurring time and date that fits (most) of the participants timezone. 

I’m based near Amsterdam, the Netherlands, in the CET time zone. 

Q: Where do we meet?


For 1-on-1 calls: Our calls will be hosted on Zoom. 

For group calls: to be announced 

Q: What if I can’t make it to the call?


For 1-on-1 clients; we ask you to let us know 24 hours prior to our scheduled meeting so we can reschedule it. 


For the group calls; there will be a replay that you can watch. In case of questions based on the recording and homework, you can send us an e-mail and we will answer you within 24 hours.

Q: What would investment in this program be?

A: This program is valued at 5 figures but we ask you to make a 4 figure investment. 

Q: Do I have to pay right after clicking the apply button?

A: No. I value your time and effort as much as mine. This is why we will schedule a free 45-minute “Scale My Impact & Income” assessment call, after you submit your application. If we both think we are a good fit, you’ll be invited to join the program, at which time payment will be arranged.

Q: How can I pay?

A: You can pay with Wise or Paypal if you live outside of the EU/Netherlands. 

Q: What if we start working together and I realize it’s not for me?

A: That is fair! If we have been working less than 30 days together and you feel that this isn’t for you, you can receive a refund for the remaining months. I will only charge you for the first month of working together. This would be 1/3 of your total invoice. 

Q: In which languages can I follow this program?


The 1-on-1 program can be done in English and Dutch.


The group program can only be done in English (unless all the participants speak and understand Dutch).