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Atelier Rebalance

Rock Your Balance

for the
refined rebel

No positive thinking, just a different way of seeing.

The road ahead can look foggy when building a conscious business.


Convincing the status quo and sticking to what you believe in, can be tiring. There comes a point where you’re wondering: “Why am I doing this again or why isn’t it working out?”

I understand all you want is for things to work out..

without losing too much time and energy on tension, stress or questioning yourself and vision. You’re doing everything you can to make yourself zen.

But no meditation, yoga class, affirmation, sage or crystal

has helped you move mountains.

It has helped you keep your cool for a bit before you’re caught in the loop of tension and distrust again.

When this keeps happening, you;


Either get
by the process




may keep inventing
new ways to carry
yourself forward
Doubts about your capabilities keeps growing and you consider quitting
what you’re doing to make the world a better place.

I know you will find a way to balance and success eventually.

But I also know you’re ready for it right now. 

Why would you sacrifice more of your peace to get where you want to be?


There’s nothing more fulfilling to me than helping you gain time, clarity, growth and energy. So you can build or expand that conscious business and life you aspire.

Allow me to introduce to you:

Chakras, let’s bloom.

A 6-month, one-on-one consultation program
that takes you from JUGGLING your BALANCE,
while building your conscious business and life.


This is for you if:


You feel confusion and doubt about your capabilities and or mission.


You feel burned out from carrying yourself forward.


You’re looking for long-term ways to align with yourself and your balance.



You want to learn to embrace naysayers or other bumps in the road.


You want to use your gifts for the sake of your life and your conscious business.


You want to reach those around you and your niche to create change.

What we’re going to do:


Identify your chakra type, including (sub)dominant chakras, to create your rebalance map.


Clarify, understand and handle energy drainers.


Redefine what fulfilment & having a rewarding business mean to you.


Embody your chakra type to support your vision & mission in life.


Align your communication style with those around you and niche, to communicate your vision and attract them to your business.


Trust in your intuition and leading chakra qualities to guide you in your conscious business.

This is included:


2 months of weekly one-on-one Zoom calls with Mai, to lay the foundation for rebalance and growth. This will be a total of eight calls of one hour.


4 months of bi-weekly one-on-one Zoom calls with Mai, to embody your chakra type within your business and life. This will be another total of eight calls of one hour.


A digital rebalance map to guide you in trusting your intuition and chakra qualities, during and after our calls together.

(A digital rebalance map contains a description of your gifts, challenges, shadow side, how you can find rebalance and fulfilment based on your chakra type.)


Unlimited support from Mai via Voxer during our 6 months together.


6-month access to practical rebalancing tools on the webapp.


Start whenever you want.

“You have taught me things that are useful for the rest of my life. Therefore you have an impact on the rest of my life and the people around me.” – Sway

This program is made for the conscious entrepreneur who either started or wants to start their business and is looking for balance, clarity and confidence during their entrepreneurial adventure.


Your investment for this program is € 2999,- paid in full or € 659,80 for 5 months.

Ready to work together? This program is available through application only.

Hi, my name is Mai.

I’m a (digital) chakra consultant & reader, entrepreneur and wellbeing advocate.

Right before I hit my thirties, I built a thriving wellness business in less than a year. By letting my seven main chakras guide me along the way, I found calm, growth, confidence and clarity throughout the day.

Now I teach refined rebels how to maintain balance, trust, growth and direction through chakra wellness, while building their conscious business.


A: Yes! As long as you’re open and willing to take action for you and your soulful coaching business, I’m ready to guide you. We’ll find a time for our call that works for us.


For 1-on-1 calls; we will set up a recurring appointment to meet that fits both our calendars. 

For the group calls; I will set a recurring time and date that fits (most) of the participants timezone. 

I’m based near Amsterdam, the Netherlands, in the CET time zone. 


For 1-on-1 calls: Our weekly calls will be hosted on Zoom. 


For group calls: to be announced 


For 1-on-1 clients; we ask you to let us know 24 hours prior to our scheduled meeting so we can reschedule it. 


For the group calls; there will be a replay that you can watch. In case of questions based on the recording and homework, you can send us an e-mail and we will answer you within 24 hours.

A: This program is valued at 5 figures but we ask you to make a 4 figure investment. 

A: No. I value your time and effort as much as mine. This is why we will schedule a free 30-minute “Align My Mind” assessment call, after you submit your application. If we both think we are a good fit, you’ll be invited to join the program, at which time payment will be arranged.

A: You can pay with Wise if you live outside of the EU/Netherlands. 

A: That is fair! If we have been working less than 30 days together and you feel that this isn’t for you, you can receive a refund for the remaining months. I will only charge you for the first month of working together. This would be 1/3 of your total invoice. 


The 1-on-1 program can be done in English and Dutch.


The group program can only be done in English (unless all the participants speak and understand Dutch). 

Feel that this program is just what you need, but is it being dismissed by the thought: “But, I don’t have time, money, or space to do it.”?


It is normal to have this thought. I had the same when I was about to invest in a program or a course. But by taking the leap, it has taken me to where I am now, which is guiding conscious entrepreneurs to rock their balance while creating a better world with their business.

Unfortunately, we never learned how to return to our inner center at school or universities.


Which is why many entrepreneurs are/have experienced burnout.

If you believe in your vision and mission, and are ready to expand or build your conscious company, it is time to take that leap.


Experience mental, emotional and physical space, so you can do what you’re meant to do on this world.



Signing up for this program is the first step to rocking your balance. However, experiencing overall balance doesn’t come to you out of the blue. You have to be open to ‘new ways of seeing’, willing to share what’s going on inside wholeheartedly, and willing to change by doing the rebalancing activities. I carefully designed every tool within this program. The guidance I provide, have either worked for myself or for clients before you.


Your results may vary on what you have been through in life, where you are right now and your willingness to grow. I’m here to support you as much as you can, but you have to start rocking it. If I can do it, so can you.


x Mai.

See this program as an investment in your balance, your peace of mind and your business.


Are you ready to experience clarity, balance and confidence?