Share stories that draw clients to you.

How it all started


My website was live. I was thrilled to announce my digital business on Instagram.

No day went by without my online presence. 

But after months, there was still   no sign of clients. Anxiety crept in.

As I saw my savings account shrink, I was confronted with two choices.

Either look for a job, or make one last bet. 


I poured my last bits of money into an Instagram coaching program.

This time, clients were coming in. But, my conscience wasn’t at ease. 

It felt as if I was tricking my IG community with powerful marketing strategies.

I dropped what I learned and embarked on a search for  authentic strategies.

The moment I

stumbled upon a copywriting class, a new world of marketing presented itself. I was excited! The following months I devoured books and courses about storytelling.


When I started sharing stories online, my inbox started to fill up with messages from my community. They wrote how much they recognized themselves in my posts and wondered how we could work together.


Today I teach introvert entrepreneurs from all over the world how to share stories on social media that draw clients in. Looking back, I couldn’t imagine that I’d be able to build an online business that offers freedom, income and impact. Now my clients tell me exactly the same.


This mission  continues.

My mission

Over the past years, I’ve met many intuitive women (like me) who were determined to build a life of financial independence and freedom, but didn’t know how to. 


They felt imprisoned because they were either financially dependent on their partner or they were slaving away for the security of a monthly pay check. 


As I listened to each one of them, their words reminded me of where I used to be. 

Even though our stories are different, our past had crushed any self-belief we had. 


Now that I found a way to freedom, income and impact, I made it my mission to guide every woman who desires to build a digital business and create a life of her own, the chance to do so. 

Let’s share stories, draw clients in and  contribute to  their transformation.

the vision at ōhnsu is

To provide   financial independence and  freedom to women who have wrongly learned to limit themselves. 

Who’s ōhnsu?

ōhnsu is  you.


After guiding many women through the process of refining their offer and drawing clients in, I saw they started to share the same qualities. 


Instead of being held back by fear or limiting beliefs, they chose to believe in themselves. They followed their vision to create the life they want that’s defined by freedom. No matter what roadblocks they’d come across, they were able to find a new road towards success.


To honor this transformation, I decided to name the woman they became. While reading up about all the Goddesses from around the world, the name ōhnsu (pronounced as; oonsu) came to me. 


ōhnsu stands for the manifestor, creator, leader, nurturer, visionair, observer and guide you’re meant to be, once you decide to give your own fulfillment a chance.

Are you ready to  become your own ōhnsu?